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DSST Human Resource Management Exam Prep


Which style of interview is also known as a tag-team interview?

  1. Team
  2. Informational
  3. Realistic Job Preview
  4. Panel
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3 Of the following, which should be included in a supervisory training program?
  1. Risk management
  2. A rotation through all of the business divisions
  3. Conflict resolution skills
  4. Effective employee training
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Isabeau's employer, Catembung Industries, has a no-solicitation rule in effect for all employees. How does this rule affect any potential union organizing inside the company?

  1. No-solicitation rules have no effect upon union organizing.
  2. Unions cannot solicit for membership if there is a no-solicitation rule in effect.
  3. Unions can only solicit for membership with the pre-approval of human resources.
  4. Unions can only solicit for membership via the usage of written communications like memos and letters.
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