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Food Service Manager Exam Prep Question List

2 A foodservice manager wants to change the overtime policy for kitchen employees, most of which belong to the union. What steps does the manager need to follow to bring about the desired change?
  1. Ask the kitchen staff for a “show of hands” about the proposed change, and decide based on majority rule.
  2. Make the change without discussing it with anyone.
  3. Put the proposed change in writing and set up a meeting with union representatives to discuss it.
  4. Ask the staff members with the most seniority for their opinion and make the decision based on their input.
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4 A foodservice facility is going to purchase a new electric range. Which of the following are not considerations when planning this purchase?
  1. Voltage and conductive vs. inductive heat
  2. BTU’s and size of convection fan
  3. NSF rating and warranty
  4. Steel gauge and wall and floor clearance
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5 A decline in productivity in a foodservice facility may be due to:
  1. Food spoilage
  2. Obsolete production techniques
  3. Increase in the number of special diets ordered
  4. All of the above
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