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You are serving a bachelorette party, and everyone keeps buying the bride drinks. She seems to be getting pretty drunk and tired, but nobody in her group seems to notice. Should you step in?
  1. No. It’s not really your business and you could upset your customers.
  2. Yes. You should stop serving the bride and offer everyone some water.
  3. It all depends on whether or not the bride is bothered by the number of drinks.
  4. No. However, you should start serving the bride weaker drinks.
Answer: B - Even if other people are buying drinks for a person who appears drunk and tired, you should stop serving that person and offer him or her some water instead.

Regardless of the specific situation, anyone who appears drunk and tired should no longer be served alcohol. While bachelor and bachelorette parties are infamous for involving a lot of alcohol, that fact won’t cover you in legal situations. In this scenario, for example, it would be extremely irresponsible of you to continue serving the bride. To smooth things over, be as polite as possible and offer the group some water.
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