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If an intoxicated customer manages to drive away from the premises and you are aware of it, what can still be done to increase the customer’s safety and lessen the potential legal consequences for the establishment?
  1. Have a sober driver catch up and follow him or her home.
  2. Call the police immediately and let them know an intoxicated patron just drove away from the establishment.
  3. Try to remember what the customer drank and write it down for future reference.
  4. Attempt to contact the customer the following morning to make sure he or she made it home safely.
Answer: B - In order to both increase the customer’s safety and lessen your potential legal consequences, call the police as soon as possible and inform them that an intoxicated person just left the establishment and is now driving on the road.

Under these circumstances, it’s best to take action immediately. There may still be consequences if the person became intoxicated at the establishment, but contacting the police both improves the chances that he or she will be stopped before getting into an accident and shows that you made a reasonable effort to ensure the customer’s safety.
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