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Maddie recently started working at a restaurant that has no liquor license but does allow guests to bring in their own wine or beer for their meals. Maddie feels unsure about this BYOB policy, but should she?
  1. Of course not. Most restaurants have been using BYOB policies for years.
  2. No. As long as the restaurant is not serving its own alcohol, a BYOB policy is fine.
  3. Yes. There’s no such thing as a legal BYOB policy.
  4. Yes. In most cases a license is still needed to allow guests to bring in their own alcohol.
Answer: D - Maddie has every right to feel unsure about this BYOB policy, since in most states a liquor license is still needed to legally allow guests to drink on the property (including any liquor they may have brought in themselves).

BYOB policies in restaurants without liquor licenses are actually very common, but they are still illegal. Over the past few years the liquor authorities in some states, such as New York, have even begun taking extra steps to educate restaurant owners on why they need to have liquor licenses for BYOB policies and how to get them.
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