Alcohol Safety

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 Perfect for restaurant managers, professional bartenders, and foodservice staff, this app re-enforces knowledge of alcohol laws, recognizing and preventing intoxication, checking identification, and handling difficult situations.
 This app was designed to encompass the material taught in the National Restaurant Association’s ServSafe Alcohol Course. All of the app content was created exclusively for Upward Mobility by an alcohol safety-certified professional writer.
 * 150 multiple-choice questions with detailed, helpful explanations.
 * Covers information pertaining to: Alcohol Law and Your Responsibility, Recognizing and Preventing Intoxication, Checking Identification, Handling Difficult Situations.
 * Study Mode: Each question is paired with a clear and useful explanation. Study at your own pace!
 * Test Mode: Designed to simulate the exam experience. Set your own question and time constraints. 
 This app is neither affiliated with nor endorsed by the National Restaurant Association. 

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