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If a customer leaves the establishment only to return later, should he or she expect to have his or her ID checked again?
  1. No. The establishment should have stamped his or her hand to allow reentry.
  2. Only if he or she comes in with a different group of people.
  3. No. Once an ID is checked it would be rude to check it again.
  4. Yes. Employees cannot remember everybody, and checking it again also ensures that he or she did not lend it to someone else.
Answer: D - Customers who leave and then return should expect to have their IDs checked again.

Especially at high-volume establishments, bartenders and servers cannot remember everyone who comes in and out. Not all places provide wristbands or hand stamps for reentry, so it is perfectly reasonable to ask customers to present their IDs again. Furthermore, this helps ensure that they have not given their ID to someone else out in the parking lot.
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