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Newborns typically nurse how often?
  1. Every four hours, and not a moment sooner
  2. Five times
  3. Every hour
  4. 8-12 times per day
Answer: D - Newborns need to nurse early and often, and nursing 8-12 times per day is the norm. This averages out to about every two to two and a half hours, around the clock. Misconceptions based on a bottle-feeding norm may lead to advice to feed on a schedule, such as once every four hours. Breastfeeding your baby only five times in a 24-hour period will not be enough in the newborn phase; as your baby gets older, he or she will nurse less often, however. While some babies do nurse every hour (called cluster feeding), this is not the norm. Additionally, some babies do like to nurse for comfort, which may make it seem as if they are nursing every hour.
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