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While examining an ID, you notice that the customer is wearing the exact same clothes as in their photo and has the same hairstyle. What might you assume here?
  1. It’s just a coincidence.
  2. The ID was made earlier that day and could be a fake, or he or she is using someone else’s ID and trying to look more like that person.
  3. The customer does not own many clothes or have much of an imagination when it comes to hairstyles.
  4. The colors in the ID photo are off, and the customer is not really wearing the same color shirt.
Answer: B - If someone is wearing the same clothes and hairstyle as in their photo, you might assume that he or she is either trying to look like the person (not him or herself) in the photo or that he or she just had the fake ID made earlier in the day.

This situation is a bit tricky because it could just be coincidence - or it could not be. In this case it would be wise to ask if the customer has additional forms of identification, in addition to asking specific questions about his or her age, address, etc.
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