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You ask to see a customer's ID, but he tells you he accidentally left it at home. His friend - who did show you a legal ID - comes over and insists they are the same age. He seems to be telling the truth, so what should you do now?
  1. Apologize for the inconvenience, but explain to him or her that you are unable to serve the customer without an ID.
  2. Allow the customer with a legal ID to buy a drink for his friend, but do not serve the non-ID friend yourself.
  3. Go ask the manager for permission to serve the non-ID customer.
  4. Ask the non-ID customer a series of age-related questions in order to verify that he or she is telling the truth.
Answer: A -If a customer cannot present an ID when you ask for it, you should apologize for the inconvenience and explain that you cannot serve him or her.

Even if you strongly suspect a customer is telling the truth about being of age, you can still be held legally responsible if you serve him or her and it turns out he or she is lying. The legal repercussions are too shattering to make taking such chances worth your time.
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