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When examining a customer’s ID, what factors should you be checking?
  1. The birthdate, the ID’s expiration date, the photo (to see if it matches the customer’s face), and the authenticity of the ID’s look and feel
  2. The expiration date and how authentic the ID appears
  3. The birthdate is the only factor that really matters
  4. Whether the ID is horizontal, since this type is only given to people 21 and older
Answer: A - When examining a customer’s ID, you should be checking not just the birthdate but also the expiration date, the photo, and the authenticity of the ID’s look and feel.

Each state has a different style of driver license, so checking “authenticity” can sometimes be challenging, but you should at least be very familiar with the IDs issued in the state you work in as well as those of any neighboring states. Some states, such as Colorado, only issue horizontal IDs to citizens over 21 years of age, but in many other states the horizontal license indicates driver status only - not the person’s age. Some establishments (including many nightclubs) also require at least two forms of ID from their patrons, so you should also learn how to quickly check passports and state ID cards.
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