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Category - Difficult Situations

A group of people comes in with a supposed designated driver, but each one of them ends up purchasing multiple drinks. You don’t know/remember who the designated driver was supposed to be, but you do know that whoever it was has now had a few drinks. What do you do?
  1. Stop alcohol service to all of them immediately.
  2. Ask the group who the designated driver is and be sure to stop serving them.
  3. Call a taxi for the group and make sure they all get in it.
  4. Monitor the amount they’ve each had to drink and their intoxication levels, and stop serving them accordingly.
Answer: D - When it comes to a group that is drinking, you should monitor the amount they’re drinking and their intoxication levels and stop serving them when appropriate.

For future reference, if a group does come in with a designated driver, make a note of who he or she is. While you cannot necessarily refuse him or her alcohol if he or she asks for it, you can politely remind him or her that he or she is supposed to be the designated driver. Ultimately, you should be monitoring the intoxication levels of the entire group anyway and should not be letting them get to a point where they pose a danger to themselves or others.
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