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If a guest comes in with a designated driver who is not drinking, do you need to check both of their IDs?
  1. No. You only need to check identification for whoever is actually consuming alcohol.
  2. Yes. You should have a record of who the designated driver is in case there is legal trouble later on.
  3. It depends on the establishment’s policies.
  4. A and C
Answer: D - It depends on the establishment’s specific policies (for example, some places ID everyone regardless of whether or not they are consuming alcohol), but generally speaking you do not have to check the ID of someone who is not drinking.

There are no legal repercussions for not checking the ID of a person who is not consuming alcohol, even if he or she is sitting in a place that serves it. In this scenario you would only need to check the ID of the designated driver (assuming your employer’s policies do not already require it) if he or she ordered a drink.
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