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What condition affecting women is characterized by eating disorders, excessive exercise, and amenorrhea?
  1. Osteoporosis
  2. Exercise bulimia
  3. Triathlons
  4. The female athlete triad
Answer: D - The female athlete triad is characterized by eating disorders, excessive exercise, and amenorrhea. This dangerous and potentially deadly combination results in osteoporosis and low bone density and usually requires medical and therapeutic intervention.

According to the American Academy of Family Physicians, premature osteoporotic fractures can occur, and lost bone mineral density may never be regained. Early recognition of the female athlete triad can be accomplished by the family physician through risk factor assessment and screening questions. Instituting an appropriate diet and moderating the frequency of exercise may result in the natural return of menses. Hormone replacement therapy should be considered early to prevent the loss of bone density. A collaborative effort among coaches, athletic trainers, parents, athletes, and physicians is optimal for the recognition and prevention of the triad. Increased education of parents, coaches, and athletes on the health risks of the female athlete triad can prevent a potentially life-threatening illness.
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