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There are 13 states that allow drivers to get non-photo licenses if they conflict with their religious beliefs. If you work in one of these states, does this mean you have to accept a non-photo license as valid identification?
  1. Yes. If it’s OK with the state, it should be OK with you.
  2. You only have to accept it if the customer can prove that he or she currently follows those religious beliefs.
  3. No. When it comes to selling alcohol, it is unwise to ever accept a non-photo ID.
  4. You should only accept it if the person’s face is covered in real life.
Answer: C - Even if the non-photo ID is issued by the state, you don’t have to accept it as valid for the ID holder to purchase alcohol.

Some may fear it is a form of discrimination to not accept a state-issued non-photo ID, but in reality it is far more risky for you and for the establishment you work at to accept one. Since there are such severe laws against serving minors, you should never serve anyone who cannot present a valid photo ID that also shows their date of birth (you can always go consult with your manager as well). On the bright side, many of the same religious denominations that prohibit photos also are against consuming alcohol.
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