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Mike is serving a group of people out celebrating their friend’s birthday, and they insist that he do tequila shots with them. He knows they are all of legal age and have at least one designated driver, so what should he do?
  1. Take a couple shots with them. People in the alcohol service industry drink from time to time with their customers, and it is not illegal.
  2. Politely refuse. Drinking with patrons is not technically illegal in most areas, but each establishment has their own policies that employees must follow.
  3. Adamantly refuse and cite U.S. liquor laws. It is illegal in the U.S. for bartenders and servers to consume any amount of alcohol with their customers.
  4. Do just one shot. It’s fine if the bartender takes steps to be responsible and doesn’t drink that much.
Answer: B - Mike should politely refuse because while it’s not generally illegal to drink on the job in many states, it is commonly frowned upon and goes against the policies of many establishments.

Though it may be seen as controversial, Mike could be fired if he drinks on the job. In places where it is not illegal (which is most states and municipalities), the decision is entirely up to the management. Even so, in some states it is illegal for bartenders and servers to drink while at work.
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