Alcohol Safety

Category - Checking ID

A customer seems nervous and uneasy when she hands over her ID. What does this most likely indicate?
  1. She is generally a nervous and uneasy person.
  2. She is underage.
  3. She doesn’t drink too often and is not used to bar settings.
  4. She has already had too much to drink.
Answer: B - If a customer appears nervous and uneasy when he or she turns over his or her ID for examination, it most likely indicates he or she is underage and should not be served.

Is this a foolproof way of telling that someone is underage? Certainly not, but in these cases it is better to be safe than sorry. Rather than immediately refusing service, it is a good idea to first ask if he or she has any additional forms of ID and/or if he or she can answer specific questions about his or her ID and his or her age (and, of course, remain polite and courteous so as to not embarrass him or her unnecessarily).
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