Alcohol Safety

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A customer appears to be intoxicated, but his wife says he is fine. They're about to drive home and the car keys are in his hand. What should you do in this situation?
  1. Insist that the wife drive instead.
  2. Force the keys out of his hand and refuse to let him drive.
  3. Offer to call the couple a cab and/or try to find them alternate transportation.
  4. Make them stay in the establishment for several hours to sober up.
Answer: C - If someone is trying to drive home while intoxicated, you should offer to call him or her a cab and/or find him or her another way of getting home.

Insisting that the other person in a couple drive instead may not be possible if he or she has also had a few drinks, not to mention the fact that he or she may not actually be able to drive. Always be polite in these situations and never use force with customers. If trying to persuade them to use an alternate form of transportation doesn’t work, you can also call the police to alert them that a drunk driver may be out on the road.
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