Alcohol Safety

Category - Difficult Situations

You refuse to continue serving a customer, but he threatens you with violence. He seems serious. What is the right thing to do in this situation?
  1. Stand your ground and threaten him right back.
  2. Remain polite but get the manager and/or a bouncer for assistance.
  3. Attempt to physically restrain the customer.
  4. Agree to serve him one more drink on the condition that he leaves immediately after.
Answer: B - If a customer is threatening you, remain as polite as possible and get the manager and/or a bouncer for assistance.

Whatever you do, don’t do anything (such as using physical force or raising your voice) that might cause the customer to become angrier or that might put you in danger. If you cannot step away to get assistance, motion for a coworker to do so or try to signal the manager yourself. Do not get closer to the customer or do anything else that would make it easier for him or her to lash out at you.
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