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What is wort?
  1. A type of beer.
  2. A yeast.
  3. Another word for malt.
  4. A sugar-rich liquid.
Answer: D - Wort is a sugar-rich liquid. Wort is necessary for the beer-making process and comes from malted grain. Wort is the basis of all beers.

Wort is a sugar-rich liquid that begins by converting the starches of malted grains into sugar (the process of mashing). Hot water is added to this mash to allow the enzymes to finish the conversion from starch to sugar. This process creates the wort.

The next step is lautering. During this stage, the brewer separates grain husks and other solids out of the wort. 

The resulting wort is sugary liquid which is mostly water (as much as 90%). 

According to Oxford Companion to Beer, the carbohydrate and basic sugar content will be approximately:

12% monosaccharides
5% sucrose
47% maltose
15% maltotriose
25% higher saccharides (e.g. dextrin) 
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