Alcohol Safety

Category - Checking ID

What is the best way to refuse to serve minors (or any customer without proper identification) alcohol?
  1. Threaten to call the police if they do not leave the establishment immediately.
  2. Ignore them completely.
  3. Politely tell them you cannot serve them and do not try to embarrass them further.
  4. Tell them you can’t serve them and immediately have them escorted off the premises by security.
Answer: C - When refusing anyone service, it is always best to be polite and avoid causing him or her further embarrassment.

When it comes to minors, though, things can be a bit tricky depending on where you work. Some places do not allow underage people in the building at all (in which case you will have to ask the minor to leave or see that he or she is escorted out if he or she refuses to leave), while others permit minors as long as they are not being served alcohol. It is up to you to learn the rules of your establishment as soon as you start working there.
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