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Two young-looking customers approach Jessie at the bar and ask for some beers. When she asks to see their IDs, one of them says he forgot it at home. The other customer’s ID says he is 26 years old, and he insists his friend is the same age. What should Jessie do in this situation?
  1. Allow them both to sit at the bar, but insist that the customer with the ID be the one buying their drinks.
  2. Ask the non-ID customer a series of age-related questions to verify that he is old enough to consume alcohol.
  3. Politely refuse to serve the non-ID customer any alcohol until he presents the proper identification.
  4. Serve both of them, but severely limit the number of drinks the non-ID customer has.
Answer: C - In a situation in which a customer cannot present the proper ID when asked, he or she should be refused alcohol (even if his or her friends offer to buy it).

There are severe potential legal repercussions for serving alcohol to minors, including citations, lawsuits, and even loss of liquor licenses. Servers and bartenders should therefore always stay on the safe side and refuse alcohol service to anyone who cannot present the proper identification.
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