Alcohol Safety

Category - Difficult Situations

If a customer comes to your establishment and is already visibly intoxicated, what is the best course of action for you to take?
  1. Alert your manager and have him or her escorted off the premises.
  2. Find out which other establishment the customer came from and how much he or she had to drink there.
  3. Do not serve the customer alcohol and offer him or her water and some food, if possible.
  4. Report the customer to the police and/or local liquor authorities.
Answer: C - Do not serve an already intoxicated customer, and take measures to help improve his or her condition, such as offering him or her water and food.

If you work at a place with a bouncer, it is very possible that he or she will not let an already intoxicated person enter the premises. If an intoxicated person does manage to enter, however, it is up to you to take measures to prevent him or her from leaving the premises in that same condition. While only time will cause a person to sober up, food and water can help slow the rate of intoxication and make the person feel more alert.
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