CLEP Western Civ II

Category - Absolutism-Constitutionalism

Conflicts between the Dutch and the British in the 1650s-1670s arose as a result of
  1. Competing claims for Polish territory
  2. Control of trade outposts in Western Africa
  3. Ongoing religious conflicts
  4. The ascension of William of Orange to the British throne
  5. The passage of the Navigation Acts
Answer: E - The British and the Dutch fought several small wars from 1652-1674, largely due to the Navigation Acts, which were British regulations on shipping designed to better control colonial trade and solidify their empire. This placed them in opposition to the Dutch, who had dominated trade in the first half of the 17th century. While the outcome of these wars generally changed little in the landscape of Europe, the British did gain the Dutch colony of New Amsterdam, or New York, as it would be renamed. This gain helped secure the American colonies for Britain.
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