CLEP Western Civ II

Category - Absolutism-Constitutionalism

Louis XIV’s centralization of power within France was greatly aided by which of the following?
  1. His banishment of Bishop Bosseut
  2. His isolating key noble families
  3. His banishing of the French Huguenots
  4. His insistence on regular meetings of the Estates General
  5. His taking control of the military
Answer: E - Louis XIV consolidated power by taking control of the military. Prior to his rule, individual lords had great autonomy over the regions that they ruled. While the Estates General served as a unified governing body for the elite, it had not met since 1615. By taking control of the military, Louis XIV removed power from the nobility, which traditionally controlled segments of the military, and strengthened the throne. This seizure also eliminated armed conflicts among the regional powers since all soldiers now fought for France rather than the local nobility. He was aided by Bishop Bosseut's defense of absolute monarchy as the will of God.
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