Alcohol Safety

Category - Difficult Situations

A young man and woman come up to the bar and start chatting with Mike about the different beers that are on tap. They look like they’re in their early to mid-20s, and since they seem to know a lot about beer, Mike decides not to card them when they order a few drinks. What should he have done instead?
  1. Asked them questions about other kinds of alcohol to ensure they were fully experienced and therefore of legal age.
  2. Asked to see the ID of whichever person looked younger.
  3. Asked to see their IDs once they ordered alcohol.
  4. Made sure it was OK with the manager to not card them.
Answer: C - Mike should have asked to see their IDs regardless of how experienced they seemed with alcohol.

It is wise to check the IDs of anybody who appears to be in his or her 20s, even if he or she appears to be an experienced consumer of alcohol. It’s not uncommon for minors to act older in order to escape suspicion, but at the end of the day, you’re the one who is liable if you serve them.
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