Alcohol Safety

Category - Difficult Situations

A guest shows up to the establishment demanding to order a drink, but he or she is already clearly intoxicated and has nobody to drive him or her home. What should you do in this situation?
  1. Make the guest leave before too many people notice.
  2. Let the guest stay and have one drink, but only on the condition that he or she takes a taxi home.
  3. Give the guest some water and try to get him or her to sober up a bit. If it is necessary later, try to find transportation home for him or her.
  4. Call the police right away to come pick him or her up.
Answer: C - When an already intoxicated customer shows up trying to order, make efforts to sober him or her up before leaving and help him or her find transportation home.

Whatever you do, do not serve the customer any alcohol. If he or she becomes disruptive and/or violent as a result, that’s when you can call the police.
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