CLEP Western Civ II

Category - Napoleon & Revolutions

Women's participation in the French Revolution, such as the March to Versailles, had what impact on women's rights?
  1. An expansion of the definition of citizenship to include them
  2. Women were banned from protesting in public
  3. Married women gained property rights
  4. Women were able to hold some minor elected offices
  5. Virtually no impact
Answer: E - The participation of women in the political movements of the French Revolution had minimal impact on women's rights. Women hoped that the reimagining of France on the basis of equality would create a space for them, and they were willing to take to the streets and fight for it; however, women made very few gains during the Revolution and after. While outspoken women like Olympe De Gouges pointed out the hypocrisy of this trend and demanded the promise of the Enlightenment apply to women as well, they did not secure many tangible gains.
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