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Which procedure is best for secretion removal in a mechanically ventilated neonatal patient?
  1. Do not suction. Neonatal airways are too fragile for pressure.
  2. Suction with inline suction catheter. If unable to acquire secretions, increase vacuum pressure to 150 mmHg pressure.
  3. Assess patient vitals. If satisfactory, verify the suction pressure is less than 100 mmHg, suction the patient while continuing to monitor vitals, especially oxygen saturation.
  4. Suction with a Yankauer device.
Answer: C-The best procedure to follow in removing secretions from an intubated neonatal patient is to assess patient vitals.

A safe vacuum setting for a neonatal patient is 80-100 mmHg. Close monitoring of patient’s vital signs, especially oxygen saturation; is mandatory prior to, during, and after suctioning.
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