CNOR Operating Room Nursing

Category - Accountability

The perioperative nurse is documenting a patient’s pain assessment while in the PACU. They note that they have given the patient morphine sulfate to control postoperative pain. Which of the following is not necessary to document for this intervention?
  1. Where the patient’s pain is located.
  2. The time the morphine arrived to the unit from pharmacy.
  3. The fact the patient rated his pain at a ‘7’ on the 0-10 pain scale.
  4. The effects of the morphine on the patient’s pain.
Answer: B - It is not necessary to document the time the morphine arrived to the unit from the pharmacy in the patient’s record. For pain control, the nurse should document the patient’s pain and how they are expressing the pain; the amount, time, and location that the drug was given to the patient, and the patient’s response to the medication.
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