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John is an Administrator in charge of the power backup unit in his organization. The server uses a 350 Watt monitor, 50 Watt speaker, and a 500 Watt power supply. What is the minimum possible VA rating of the UPS that must be able to handle the server?
  1. 1500 VA
  2. 2000 VA
  3. 3000 VA
  4. 1800 VA
Answer - A - The minimum VA rating UPS that can support the server is 1500 VA.

Key Takeaway: To calculate the minimum VA rating, one should add all the Watts consumed by devices that should be backed up and divide this value by 0.6. This gives the minimum VA rating that supports these components. The division by 0.6 is to accommodate for 60% as an average power factor. In this case it is 900 Watts/0.6 = 1500 VA.
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