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Elizabeth is a new manager and is about to make her first decision while in her managerial role. Which of these answer choices lists the decision making steps that she should follow in the correct order?
  1. Awareness of need for a decision; generation of alternatives; formulation of the problem; implementation of solution
  2. Formulation of the problem; selection of best option; diagnosis and information gathering
  3. Formulation of the problem; diagnosis and information gathering; generation of alternatives; evaluation of alternatives; implementing a solution
  4. Generation of alternatives; diagnosis and information gathering; implementation of a solution
Answer: C - The correct seven step process to decision making is: 1. Awareness of need for a decision. 2. Formulation of the problem. 3. Diagnosis and information gathering. 4. Generation of alternatives. 5. Evaluation of alternatives and selection of best option. 6. Implementation of solution. 7. Feedback and evaluation of decision.

Key Takeaway: When making a decision as a new manager, you should follow the seven decision-making steps to help guide you through the process. These steps are designed to allow for you to make informed and accurate decisions. Performing the steps in the wrong order or skipping one or more of the steps can often lead to poor decisions.
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