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You must provide the best coverage possible for users inside an office. The office is free from tall obstructions such as shelving, but has a high ceiling. You have decided to use a low-gain Omni-directional antenna to achieve your goal. Where should you install the antenna for best coverage?
  1. In the center of the building on the roof.
  2. In the center of the building on the ceiling.
  3. In one of the corners of the building.
  4. On one of the walls of the building.
Answer - B - For best coverage, the antenna should be installed in the center of the building on the ceiling.

Key Takeaway: In an open area where maximum user coverage is required, using a low-gain Omni antenna makes practical and economical sense. In this office that has high ceilings, use of a high-gain Omni-directional antenna might not be effective for users below the plane of the antenna. Hence, mounting a low-gain Omni-directional antenna near the center of the intended coverage like the ceiling is most effective.
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