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While performing a difficult stick, Pheona the Phenomenal Phlebotomy Tech’s patient yelps out in pain, saying, “What was that? I felt an electric shock moving up my arm!” Pheona immediately removes the needle. What happened?
  1. Pheonas’ patient is about to have a seizure.
  2. Pheona may have hit a nerve.
  3. Pheonas’ patient is about to faint.
  4. Pheona may have hit an artery.
Answer: B - The patients’ reaction indicates Pheona may have hit a nerve. Generally, an electric, tingling sensation is an indication of an injured or irritated nerve. In phlebotomy, if a patient complains of this sensation, the phlebotomist must immediately remove the needle. An incident report is required. The patient may have to receive physical therapy to recover from the injury.
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