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Which of the following fluid output types need to be recorded in a patient's I&O sheet?

-Blood loss
-Excessive perspiration
  1. Urine only
  2. Urine and blood loss
  3. All except emesis
  4. All are recorded in the client's I&O sheet
Answer: D - Fluid output is the sum total of liquids that come out of the body.

Most fluid is discharged from the body as urine. Output also includes emesis (vomitus), drainage from a wound, loss of blood, and excessive perspiration. Every time the client uses the urinal, emesis basin, or bedpan, the urine and other fluids must be measured. For perspiration, wound discharges, or bleeding, indicate the following:

-What was wet
-How wet (damp, dripping, etc.)
-The size of the wet area
-The time this occurred
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