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“Welcome to the hit game show Name that Organ! Where knowing body parts can win you a stage full of wonderful prizes! I’m your host, Ana Tomy. I’ll give you a definition and you Name That Organ! Let’s play Name That Organ!”
“Which body system is responsible for the manufacture of blood cells?”
  1. The digestive system.
  2. The circulatory system.
  3. The skeletal system.
  4. Um, could you repeat the question, please?
Answer: C - Along with keeping us upright, protecting our vital organs, and storing calcium and phosphorus, the marrow of the skeletal system manufactures both white and red blood cells and platelets (also known as hematopoiesis). The bone marrow is where all blood cells begin; however, depending on the specific function of the future cell, the blast (immature cell) may move to another system or organ to develop a specific function when mature.
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