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Situation: Judy Montgomery, an 85-year-old client with Alzheimer's disease, developed a serious complication of pneumonia and is now attached to a respirator.

Knowing that for a comatose client, hearing is the last sense to be lost. As Judy's medical assistant all through her stay in the hospice, what should you do?
  1. Tell her family that probably she can't hear them.
  2. Talk loudly so that Judy can hear you.
  3. Tell her family who are in the room not to talk.
  4. Speak softly then hold her hands gently.
Answer: D - Speak softly then hold her hands gently. Hearing is one of the last functions lost. Always assume that the person can hear. Speak in a normal voice. Provide reassurance and touch the client by holding her hands gently. This is one way of allowing the client to feel that you are with her.
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