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Mrs. Lippett, age 66, is experiencing sensory and perceptual problems that affect her right visual field (right homonymous hemianopia) because of stroke. When placing a meal tray in front of Mrs. Lippett, the nurse assistant should:
  1. Place all the food on the right side of the tray.
  2. Before leaving the room, remind the client to look all over the tray.
  3. Place food and utensils within the client’s left visual field.
  4. Stay with the client & periodically draw her attention to the food on the right side of the tray to prevent unilateral neglect.
Answer: D - The client has blindness in the same visual field of both eyes. The safety of the client is the priority of care. Appropriate measures to manage this problem are:

Approach the client from the unaffected side.
Place the client’s personal objects within the unaffected visual field.
Encourage the client to turn the head to scan the complete range of vision; otherwise, he or she does not see half of the visual field.
Encourage independence in activities of daily living to promote self-esteem.
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