Praxis II PLT 7-12

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Mr. Jacoby is a new teacher at Oak Bluff High School. The school is rigorously standards-based and strongly focused on state assessment scores. Mr. Jacoby however, has a more student-centered approach to teaching. Which of the following steps should he take as he prepares his units of study and lesson plans?
  1. Plan for an authentic assessment
  2. Consult with his administrator
  3. Elicit feedback from parents
  4. Reading books on the effectiveness of a student-centered approach
Answer: B - Consult with his administrator. For a teacher in a new school, if the teacher’s instructional approach varies dramatically from the school’s instructional approach, then the teacher would be wise to consult with his administrator. If the administrator is aware of the teacher’s efforts, the teacher should have a greater level of support in going against the grain.
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