Praxis II PLT 7-12

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Middle Vale High School is a small school where the students are competitive and parents are very concerned with test scores and report card grades. Shannon Marsh complained to her parents that her grade of a B on a paper was unfair because she put as much effort in as her friend who received an A. The parents chose to confront the teacher and demand an explanation as to the variance in grades. Which would be the most effective tool for the teacher to be able to demonstrate how she derived the grade?
  1. A portfolio of student work
  2. A collection of graded student papers
  3. A rubric for the assignment
  4. The assignment that was distributed
Answer: C - A rubric for the assignment. Grading that is based on a rubric has clearly defined standards as to what needs to be met to receive a certain grade. In the event a student did not meet certain criterion of the rubric, a comparison of the paper to the rubric can be demonstrated.
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