PgMP Program Management

Category - Domain 4

Michal P. Gleason is in the process of developing his program team. Which tools and techniques would he NOT use to do this?
  1. Mentoring
  2. Co-location
  3. Procurement
  4. Training
Answer - C - Procurement would not be used to develop Mr. Gleason’s program team.

Key Takeaway: Developing the Program Team is all about improving upon the skill set of the current program group and increasing performance. This kind of development gives room for an employee to expand his or her given role within the program, take on new assignments and tasks, or be guaranteed a spot with another program at the conclusion of the current program. The following tools and techniques are used in developing a program team: general management skills (including effective communication, ability to influence others, leadership, motivation, conflict management, problem-solving, and setting ground rules), team-building, training, co-location, and recognizing achievements.
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