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Meredith (CNA) is in the process of giving a client a bed bath. In the middle of the procedure, the unit secretary calls on the intercom to relay that there is an emergency phone call. The appropriate action is to:
  1. Immediately walk out of the client’s room and answer the phone call.
  2. Cover the client, place the call light within reach, and answer the phone call.
  3. Finish the bed bath before answering the phone call.
  4. Leave the client’s door open so the client can be monitored and the nurse aide can answer the phone call.
Answer: B -Because the telephone call is an emergency, the nurse aide may need to answer it, in which case the proper course of action is to cover the client and place the call light within reach before answering the call. Additionally, the client’s door should be closed or the room curtains pulled around the bathing area. This maintains the client’s privacy and safety. The other appropriate action is to ask another nurse aide or staff member to accept the call.
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