Blake-Mouton’s situational leadership theory
  1. Measures and assesses concern for the needs of direct reports and concern for the accomplishment of tasks.
  2. Identifies “impoverished managers” as ones who have not been given the opportunity to engage in training opportunities designed to enhance essential supervisory skills.
  3. Uses a 10-point scale along each axis.
  4. Builds upon Hersey and Blanchards’ model.
Answer - D - Blake-Mouton’s situational leadership theory builds on Hersey and Blanchard’s model.

Key Takeaway: It identifies “impoverished managers” as those who delegate responsibility, then demonstrate no real concern for either people or task/production. This model uses a nine-point scale along each axis. Answer A is not the best answer because Blake-Mouton’s situational leadership theory measures and assesses concern for people and concern for task/production.
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