CMSRN Medical-Surgical Nursing

Category - Cardiovascular

A client with acute pulmonary edema secondary to congestive heart failure has continuous monitoring of central venous pressure (CVP). Which of the following conditions indicates that the client’s treatment regimen is effective?

  1. Central venous pressure increases
  2. Central venous pressure decreases
  3. There is no change in the central venous pressure
  4. Central venous pressure is not a useful indicator for this client
Answer - B - Decreased central venous pressure indicates decreased fluid in the vascular space, one of the goals of treatment for this client. Choice A is incorrect because increased central venous pressure indicates increased fluid in the vascular space, which is not a desired goal. Choice C is incorrect because no change in central venous pressure indicates no change in the vascular fluid volume. Choice D is incorrect because central venous pressure is an accepted indicator of vascular fluid status.
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