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NYSTCE Health Education Exam Prep Question List

2 Nutrient availability is influenced by:
  1. Size
  2. Solubility
  3. Interaction with other food and nutrients
  4. All of the above
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3 When an individual is excreting more nitrogen than being consumed they are:
  1. Anemic
  2. In negative nitrogen balance
  3. In positive nitrogen balance
  4. Cachexic
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4 Which of the following is an enzyme:
  1. Lipase
  2. Sterol
  3. Sucrose
  4. Phosphatidyl choline
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5 Magnesium excess may cause hypocalcemia by:
  1. Modulating PTH release
  2. Aiding Ca uptake in the intestine
  3. Using a cofactor in an enzyme needed to cleave Ca into elemental form
  4. None of the above
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