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NYSTCE Health Education Exam Prep Question List

6 Antioxidants are:
  1. Compounds that inhibit hydrogens
  2. Compounds that create free radicals
  3. Compounds that are bacteriolytic
  4. Compounds that inhibit damaging oxidizing agents
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7 Women of childbearing age are urged to take folic acid supplements because:
  1. Deficiency may result in internal bleeding
  2. Deficiency increases gestation period of child
  3. Deficiency may result in neural tube defects in infants
  4. Sufficiency is associated with higher social economic status
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8 The benefits of breastfeeding include:
  1. Sensitizes infant to diet of mother
  2. Increases mother infant pair bonding
  3. Weight loss for mother
  4. All of the above
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