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NYSTCE Health Education Exam Prep Question List

11 The ABCs of CPR refer to:
  1. Airway, breathing, circulation
  2. Airway, blockage, cardiac
  3. Append, breakage, circulation
  4. Append, breathing, cardiac
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12 In the event of an injury or minor wound, providing first-aid is necessary in which order:
  1. Clean, stop the bleeding, apply antibiotic, cover
  2. Stop the bleeding, clean, apply antibiotic, cover
  3. Apply antibiotic, stop the bleeding, clean, cover
  4. Stop the bleeding, apply antibiotic, clean, cover
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13 One side effect of anorexia nervosa is amenorrhea, which is:
  1. Atrophy of muscles
  2. Excessive urination
  3. Cessation of menstrual cycle
  4. Excessive arm hair growth
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14 Those who suffer from Bulimia often use excessive laxatives for weight loss, however, this is:
  1. Effective but dangerous to epithelial lining of intestinal tract
  2. Ineffective as nutrients/calories have already been absorbed
  3. Not a common method of weight loss used by Bulimics
  4. Effective, and not considered harmful
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15 A common health misconception is:
  1. Trans-fat is linked to heart disease
  2. All fat is bad
  3. We need essential fatty acids
  4. All of the above
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