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Fitness Nutrition Specialist Practice Test Question List

1 Which amino acids are considered to be essential amino acids?
  1. Those that cannot be derived from foods
  2. Those that cannot be manufactured by the body at all or in sufficient quantity
  3. Those that are necessary to the function of protein production
  4. Those that are necessary to the function of protein production
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2 Why is it important to consult with a healthcare provider regarding supplementation?
  1. Full disclosure is always necessary for the sake of accurate medical assessments.
  2. It is important to have an open and factual communication with health care providers.
  3. Some supplements can interfere with prescribed medication or can complicate other medical issues.
  4. Often they can give advice about which brands make the best quality product.
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3 What is the definition of glycogen?
  1. One of the three primary classes of foods and a source of energy in the body
  2. A simple sugar manufactured by the body from carbohydrates and fat
  3. Formation of glucose from non-carbohydrate sources that can be used for energy
  4. Complex carbohydrate molecule that stores carbohydrates in the liver and muscle cells
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