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Chemical Dependency Counselor License Exam Question List

31 A former client calls asking to be admitted. He has completed treatment in this center two times before; both times have been within the recent eight months. He says he has been sober for 6 months; but he has relapsed. What recommendation is the most appropriate?
  1. Client should be asked to come immediately for an assessment interview. if he is drinking, transportation should be arranged.
  2. As he has been sober for six months he should return to AA at the first available AA meeting.
  3. The counselor and the client will review the discharge plan in an attempt to identify the cause for the relapse. The plan will be amended or redrawn.
  4. Staff will determine that he has plenty of orange juice on hand and client is told to wait until the counselor returns to work.
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32 A former client called. He is 71 and has been sober for five years. He reports he binged with a quart of vodka last night but he is not drinking now. What should be done first?
  1. Have the former client call AA immediately.
  2. Send an ambulance to pick him up to be medically assessed.
  3. Talk to him about reentering treatment.
  4. Schedule a TLFD to establish the pattern and intensity of the relapse.
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33 A woman calls from a seedy part of the city saying she needs treatment and gives insurance information and her address. Two staff members go to pick her up; but she refuses to leave the room. During the conversation she reveals she is a history professor from out of town, divorced with no children and sober for thirty nine years. She demands that we leave, saying she has changed her mind. She becomes increasingly hostile. What should be done?
  1. Leave a card, leave and say a prayer for her safety.
  2. Don’t leave, wait her out, at some point she may give up.
  3. Supply her with booze until she passes out; then take her to the clinic.
  4. Call the police complaining about the noise and the drunken woman that has threatened to do harm. When the police arrive explain the situation, that the woman may harm self or others and suggest the police give the woman the choice of being taking to the precinct and jailed for assessment or to the clinic you represent.
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