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Chemical Dependency Counselor License Exam Question List

21 If a client entering treatment presents a physical health problem such as diabetes. What of the following might that indicate?
  1. Due to the health problem the effect of client’s alcohol consumption has probably been low.
  2. Alcohol consumption may have increased the severity of the other health
  3. The effects of alcohol consumption may have been reduced by the mental health problem.
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22 CSAT represents which of the following?
  1. Cocaine substance abuse treatment
  2. Collective summary alcohol treatment
  3. Client substance assessment treatment
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Which of the following statements are true when conducting a written assessment with a client?

  1. It is important that a counselor conduct themselves forcefully in order to let the client know who is in charge while conducting interviews.
  2. An Interview can be used to establish rapport between client and counselor helping create a comfortable situation that encourages progress.
  3. All interviews can be used by clients to evaluate counselors.
  4. None of the above
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24 During a group process a client discloses communicating with her decreased husband. What assumption would be wrong for the counselor to make?
  1. The client needs to be assessed by a licensed mental health professional to identify a substance abuse disorder.
  2. It is inappropriate to interpret that behavior as pathological.
  3. For some cultures it is appropriate to continue communicating with a deceased loved one.
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25 What measuring tool evaluates the client’s orientation to time, place and person?
  1. The Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory
  2. The Strong interest Inventory
  3. The Wechsler Adult Intelligence
  4. The Mental Status Exam.
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